HELP for Ebooks

When you purchase your ebooks, you are given 3 download opportunities.  The book can be downloaded to your computer, your ipad and your reading device.  If you run into difficulties, email Liang Addison Press (using the form below) and we will we re-set your downloads and attempt to help.

Please note that the instructions vary by device type (computer, ipad, or reading device) and by book type (Nook or Kindle version).  

The ebook versions of Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch are easy to download to your Kindle or Nook.  Simply download the version from the link provided and you'll be reading in no time! (If you don't see your book under "books", check "all documents."



You can read your ebook on your IPad, by installing a free application from the Apple Store.   Download either the Kindle App or the Nook App from the Apple Store and then open your book using the application.  (If you don't see your book in "books" - check under the "all" documents.) 



To read you ebook on your MAC or PC, you will need to install free software, based on the version of book you purchase.

 For instructions on how to read your NOOK ebook on your computer click here:  Reading my Nook Book on my Computer

For instructions on how to read your Kindle ebook on your computer click here:  Reading my Kindle Book on my Computer


Need Another Download or Have a Question?  Use the form below to email us!