Culture Eats Strategy has it all. . . August 16 2013

“From anecdotes to appendices, case studies to “connecting points,” Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch has it all. The book’s authors ask us to examine our companies closely to determine where and how we’ve fallen short. And they give us the necessary tools to fine-tune individual and organizational capabilities.”

-Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times best sellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There; the Thinkers50 Leadership Award for Most-Influential Leadership Thinker in the World

Connecting People to Brand. . . August 15 2013

“Organizations put so much focus on brand– what we want to stand for in the hearts and minds of our customers. However, if our employees do not have a common set of beliefs and values, the brand simply cannot achieve its strategic goals.”

-Laurie Wooden, Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Hostelling International; formerly VP of New Business Innovation and Brand Strategy, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company


This book will get the busiest of leader-readers to stop and think. . . August 15 2013

“This book will get the busiest of leader-readers to stop and think, nod in agreement, dog-ear pages and turn to others to converse about it. The authors are not just deeply experienced consultants and researchers but they are elegant wordsmiths as well.  I loved their examples, analogies, twists-of-the-tongue, titles, recommendations and provocative questions.   In an age of immense competition in the marketplace, this book holds a secret for those who don't just read but actually implement the suggestions offered, moving you from knowing to doing.”

-Beverly Kaye, Founder, Career Systems Intl. and co-author of the best selling books, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em and Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go

When it comes to culture, there are no spectators. . . August 13 2013

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch outlines a practical call to action that reminds us when it comes to culture, there are no spectators. Every individual has a role to play in the care and feeding of a workplace that invites a sense of belonging.  This is really a story about creating a differentiated experience.

 –Robb Webb, Chief Human Resource Officer, Hyatt Hotels Corporation


Especially relevant for healthcare. . . August 13 2013

“Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch is especially relevant in the world of health care. The cultures in which people live and work have a profound impact on the quality of their physical and psychological well-being.  Similarly, the culture within medical facilities can be a powerful force for healing or a source of great anxiety.  I recommend Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch for all healthcare leaders who want to create a positive culture and engage the hearts and minds of their patients, staff and physicians.”

-Richard Abrams, M.D., Founder & Director, Colorado Preventive Medicine

Demystifying culture. . . August 06 2013

In this well-written, common sense book, Coffman & Sorensen demystify how to build a high performance culture.  Filled with practical suggestions about what to do and how to do it as well as diagnostic questions to help you think through the process, Culture shows to unlock the vast, untapped human potential in all organizations.” 

-Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University and co-author of The Knowing-Doing Gap


What is that magical spark to ignite passions in the office. . . August 06 2013

"The importance of one's corporate culture to the lifeblood of a company is undeniable, yet so evasive: What is that magical spark to ignite your employee's passions in the office and create a truly magical place to work?   Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch goes a long way towards answering those questions and unlocking the true passions and potential of your workforce.” 

  -Jim Miller. VP of World Wide Operations, Google

This book "gets it". . . August 06 2013

"This book 'gets it' as it relates to what truly drives successful organizations.  Culture needs to be defined, created and managed continuously from organizational leaders daily, to really set an organization apart from others strategically.  My head was nodding in continuous agreement with the many thoughts and ideas articulated in the book on ways to enhance a company's success through culture.”

  -Brad Kime, former President and Chairman of On Deck Capital

A definitive how-to-book for high performance culture . . . August 06 2013

This book has ignited my passion and I'm making a bigger difference throughout my organization.  It has made my job easier (and our customers like us more!) This is a definitive how-to-book for high performance culture. 

  -Bob Donegan, CEO, Classic Brands, former President, Tupperware Brands

Culture is a conversation, led by leaders... August 06 2013

“Culture is a conversation, led by leaders, about what the company values and 'how things are done around here.' In this remarkable book, Curt & Kathie will show you how to shape, leap and refine the conversation to produce a winning culture—which is the key to your organization's long term survival.” 

-Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo! and author of Love Is the Killer App: How To Win Business and Influence Friends